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  • Jesus, With thy Church Abide


    A popular hymn with many different denominations, “Jesus With Thy Church Abide” is a hymn about an important part of our faith: Ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the church:

  • This Is My Father’s World


    This is My Father's World is a hymn written by Maltbie Davenport Babcock, a minister from New York. The piece was published after his death in 1901 at age 42.

  • Trust and Obey


    The music for Trust and Obey was composed by D. B. Towner, the first director of music at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

  • What Child Is This?


    Intermediate Version
    What Child Is This? is a Christmas carol whose lyrics were written by William Chatterton Dix, in 1865.

  • Who Is This So Weak and Helpless?


    William Walsham How (December 13, 1823 – August 10, 1897) published several volumes of sermons and wrote a good deal of verse, including such well-known hymns as Who is this so weak and helpless; O Word of God Incarnate; and, O Jesus, thou art standing.