Just Hymns

Just Hymns is a series of printed, bound books of Kim Snow’s simple, easy hymn arrangements for piano students. Though written for children, it is appropriate for any beginner regardless of age. Just Hymns includes easy piano arrangements, piano arrangement marks reference sheet and glossary.

If you are looking for additional help to learn how to play hymns, consider our series, Favorite Hymns for Kids which also includes hymn worksheets, rhythm worksheets, and hymn and rhythm worksheet answer keys.

Each Just Hymns book include:

Piano Arrangements

  • Enlarged music score—two pages per hymn
  • Verse one of hymn, additional marks including introduction, refrain, playing both hands up one octave and final “Amen” ending
  • Measure numbers (circled) at the beginning of each music scoreline
  • Finger number recommendations above or below notes for both hands. Arrows above or below finger numbers alert students of changing finger positions

Other Features

  • Piano arrangement marks reference sheet – an example of how to use piano arrangement marks
  • Rhythm worksheet reference sheet – rhythm examples of how to count and write rhythms
  • Glossary

We offer three Just Hymns categories:

  • Hymns
  • Christmas Hymns
  • Easter Hymns

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