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JamesM webThe Praise Notes arrangements have enabled our daughter, who is currently 8, to play hymns in church and sing them, for the last year, since the words go along with the notes. She really finds it easy to follow the music and we love to hear her practice and sing the traditional hymns which are so pure in form. There's nothing like hearing a little one playing a hymn in the early morning and praising The Lord. Hymns have scriptural basis and have a quality of praise that is unlike modern songs. Praise Notes made that possible for us as parents to enjoy and in turn, for the church. It has also helped our daughter build her confidence in playing to a larger audience. We have always told our daughter that sports and toys are for her, but hymns on the piano are her gift to God. Please consider allowing your child to try a hymn from Praise Notes. The latest one she is working on is "When I survey the wondrous cross" and she will be playing it at our revival. Glory to God!

James M.

I just wanted to let you know of the joy I felt while playing your piano arrangement of "This is my Father's World" for offertory several weeks ago. I find myself still humming it in it's entirety! Beautiful ... thank you for your calling to instill a love of hymns now and for the next generation of believers.

Kay Z.

Our 10 year old daughter is playing and singing our favorite hymns and our home has been blessed. Praise Notes makes this beautiful music available to the beginning and intermediate students. Our daughter has talked about being a church musician, and I credit Praise Notes for awakening this desire.

I greatly appreciate Kim Snow's Praise Notes hymn settings in my piano studio. My students' faces light up with joy when they are able to sing and play hymns they know. My parents are delighted to have the truths of God's Word written upon their children's hearts through song. You have such a wonderful beginner set that even the youngest can start playing hymns. I also enjoy your intermediate settings for my older students, too. Thank you, Kim, for this treasure trove which you have made accessible to these children to build them musically and spiritually!

Mindy D.

Kim's hymn arrangements are accessible for beginners while also offering a framework of expression for more experienced pianists.

Heather D.

Do you want your young children to learn the piano easily and skillfully? Solution: Invest yourself in Kimberly Snow's "Tracing Through Theory" piano program which transforms music theory into what your children can swimmingly do and enjoy! Kim has spearheaded the music program at Covenant Reformed Church in Sacramento for the past twenty-five years, where she regularly plays the piano at every morning worship service. She is famous in the Sacramento area for her commitment to the piano and her students, whom she mentors because of her love of God and His people, often going beyond the proverbial 'second mile' in order to enhance the music education of her students. She is gracious, patient, and thorough in her approach. A few years ago she even worked overtime to simplify some of the great hymns of the Church for yours truly when I began my quest to play the piano. She spent many taxing hours in this project for which I very thankful to this day. What motivates her to pursue excellence in her musical pursuits? Much more than music itself, but to the God of music "Who rejoices over his people with singing!" (Zephaniah 3:17) It is a rare combination indeed to find someone skillfully equipped to teach piano who is at the same time committed to the rich theology of the Bible as it is expressed in the Protestant Reformation. Love of music begins with love of God so that your children will receive a double-blessing.

Pastor Jim West
Covenant Reformed Church, Sacramento (Retired)


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