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TraceCover web“Tracing Through Theory” is an easy, step-by-step method to teach music theory to young, beginner students who often have trouble decoding the symbols of music.

Volume one of “Tracing Through Theory” uses ten, easy lessons to teach students how to recognize and identify the symbols and elements of the grand staff including:

  • Horizontal and vertical lines
  • Treble and bass clef signs
  • Time signatures
  • Key signatures
  • Bar lines
  • Brace
  • Ledger lines
  • Whole note
  • Line notes and space notes
  • Sharp and flat signs

Each lesson introduces a key musical concept about the grand staff in a sequential manner, building upon the previous lesson’s concepts—an easy and fun way to learn how to read music.

The parent or teacher reviews the short (one-page) lesson. Then the student places the clear plastic sheet over the lesson’s worksheet. Using the erase marker, the student traces on the plastic sheet over the worksheet. At the conclusion of the lesson, the plastic sheet is easily erased. The assignment can be re-used as needed.  (Note: re-usable dry erase plastic sheet, erase marker and eraser, which are required to complete the lesson, are not included.)

A combination of oral instruction, visual diagrams and tracing over the elements of musical notation and concepts, has proven to teach students as young as three the basics of music theory. By following the step-by-step directions, the student (and teacher!) will be surprised how easily children can learn the language of music.


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